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 Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked by Guests

1. How to search for a suitable accommodation?

Rooms and apartments, which are advertised on web site Adriatic Riviera, can be searched using interactive map, search engine and list of all advertised objects.

If you would like to find an accommodation in a specific Croatian county we suggest you to use the interactive map which enables listing of all available accommodation units in towns and villages located in the selected county. So, after you click on the image of desired county system will provide you with a list of all towns and villages in selected county in which are located accommodation units currently advertised on the web site. By selecting a desired town or village you will activate a list of all currently advertised accommodation units in the selected location.

If you would like to find accommodation in a specific town, we suggest you to search our database using search engine. In the field town select place in which you would like to find accommodation, and then click on Search. The system will automatically create a list of available accommodation in the selected town. Apart from searching using the town criteria, engine allow users to define some other search conditions like price, period, type of accommodation etc.

In addition to interactive map and search engine, visitors can also use a special list of all houses which are advertised on web site Adriatic Riviera. So, if you do not have specific preferences regarding the place of your holiday use the list of all available accommodation units and search for the most suitable one.

2. I found an interesting accommodation but I would like to get more information about it. Who should I contact?

If you need additional information about accommodation that you are interested in, you should contact owner of the advertised apartment or room and ask for information that you would like to know.

3. How do I book accommodation?

If you are interested in booking accommodation in some of the advertised apartments or rooms you should make a booking request directly to the owner of the desired accommodation. A booking request can be made using available contact details. In the mutual contact with accommodation owner you can arrange timing, price and reservation details.

4. Do I have to make an advance payment as a booking confirmation?

When owners make a booking for a guest they usually request an advance payment (mainly calculated as a percentage of agreed price). Owners usually require this deposit as a guarantee that a guest will arrive as agreed. So, advance payment directly depends on individual owner and his way of running business as well as on agreement between owner and guest.

5. To whome should I pay agreed advance and final price of the accommodation?

If a guest agrees with the owner of selected accommodation to make an advanced payment then he directly pays it to the owner.


Questions asked by accommodation owners

1. What are the benefits of advertising with Adriatic Riviera?

By registering an accommodation advertisement on the web site Adriatic Riviera owners have the opportunity to present their offer over the Internet. In this way advertised accommodation is available for browsing in every moment and all Internet users can, according to their preferences, contact owners in order to book their accommodation.

Additionally, all advertisements placed on the web site Adriatic Riviera are structured as separate web pages with unique addresses like www.adriatic-riviera.com/apartments/owner, so owners can use their advertisements as homepages when presenting their accommodation in brochures, on contact cards etc.

2. Since I already have a homepage of my object with all information about the accommodation that I offer and I also have a registered advertisement on the other web site similar to Adriatic Riviera, do I get any benefit from additional web page (advertisement) on the web site Adriatic Riviera?

Sure you do. Because of the specialized tourist information that it offers, web site Adriatic Riviera is daily visited by numerous unique visitors from all over the world. Many of them probably did not have the chance to visit your private homepage or another advertisement. Since advertising expense on web site Adriatic Riviera, in comparison with income realized on only one tourist arrangement is minimal, benefit of registering advertisement is unconditional.

Additionally, all users of our services can place their private homepage link in the advertisement registered on the web site Adriatic Riviera.

3. How much does it cost to register an advertisement on the web site Adriatic Riviera?

Adriatic Riviera offers three main types of advertisement arrangements which are based on number of advertised accommodation units (apartments or rooms). Detailed information about valid prices can be found on our price-list.

4. Apart from annual advertising fee, does Adriatic Riviera charge any commission on my individual arrangements?

Apart from the annual fee for advertising accommodation on the Internet, which is charged to advertiser, publisher of the web site Adriatic Riviera, company Coma d.o.o., does not charge any agency commission on realized tourist arrangements since it does not serve as an agent in a contact between guest and apartment owner.

5. How do guests pay for the booked accommodation?

Guests pay for the accommodation in the advertised units directly to the owners according to the agreed terms and conditions.

6. What is the procedure of registering advertisement on web site Adriatic Riviera?

Registering advertisement on web site Adriatic Riviera is very simple and whole process is described on the page Registering Procedure.


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