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Advertising Private Accomodation on the Internet

During last few years, on-line apartment booking became one of the most important ways of choosing tourist arrangements. This arising popularity of the Internet advertising of private accommodation mainly results from the fact that in this way guests and owners of the advertised objects make a direct contact, without agency intercession and provision charging, which, in the end, results with lower prices of tourist arrangements.

Benefits of Advertising with Adriatic Riviera

Apart from the fee for advertising accommodation on the Internet which is charged to advertiser, publisher of the web site Adriatic Riviera, company Coma d.o.o., does not charge any agency commission on realized tourist arrangements since it does not serve as an agent in a contact between guest and apartment owner.

From the apartment owner's point of view the most important benefit of advertising with Adriatic Riviera is that he is only required every year to pay an advertising fee which is fixed and does not change in dependence of realized arrivals of guests. It is also worth to point out that average advertising fee is in level with commission charge that tourist agencies calculate only for one two week arrangement.

Since all advertisements placed on the web site Adriatic Riviera are structured as separate web pages with unique addresses like www.adriatic-riviera.com/apartments/owner, owners can use their advertisements as homepages when presenting their accommodation in brochures, on contact cards etc.


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