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 Destinations with available accommodation
Baska is the best known tourist resort on the island of Krk. The town is located in a gentle valley and in a bay surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and flowering broom, with a picturesque background of the rocky mountains of Velebit and the islet of Prvic, which seem to shelter its unique 1800 m long pebbly beach, justly said to be one of the loveliest in the Adriatic.
Cizici (Krk)
Cizici, a small coastal village surrounded by crystal clean sea on one side, and by rich Mediterranean vegetation on the other, is a tourist destination well known for its long coastal area suitable for swimming and the natural phenomenon - healing mud located in the bay Soline. This unique place is also a favorable location for nautical tourists because of two small ports situated in the hart of village.
Beside many natural beauties that attract its guests, Crikvenica also has a rich tourist offer. There are many hotels, places for sport activities, private and hotel restaurants, coffee bars and pastry shops, which will comply with all your whishes and needs. You will also surly enjoy walking along the seaside or participating in one of many organized excursions.
Situated between Opatija and Lovran, small coastal town Ičići is well known for its nautical marina and beautiful beach which offers various recreational possibilities. ACI Marina which is located in the centre of the town offers about 300 sea berths and 40 land berths together with all other nautical services. Due to the fact that the town is located just below mountain Učka even mountain climbers are frequent visitors.
Jadranovo, small tourist town located only nine kilometers away from the popular Mediterranean summer resort Crikvenica. Situated on the sunny north Adriatic coast, Jadranovo is well known by its numerous beaches, romantic, isolated bays, crystal clean see and the specific natural phenomenon - healing mud in the Lokviąća bay.
Malinska (Krk)
Situated on the west coast of island Krk, Malinska is well known as a tourist resort for over two centuries. The oldest traces of the settlements found in Malinska are dating from 15th century and first tourists visited this town at the end of 19 th century. Since then, Malinska has developed as a known tourist center with nice sandy beaches and beautiful vegetation which offers unforgettable experience and entertainment.
Moscenicka Draga
In addition to the most beautiful Kvarner beach, that is the symbol of this tourist and fishermen\'s village, Moscenicka Draga is also well known for its many small churches and monuments, villas along the marvellous coast, clear sea bays, fishermen boats, authentic villages in the glades, and local wine and smoked ham in taverns.
Rab - Banjol
Banjol is one of the seven idyllic places which surround the town of Rab. Besides for pleasant climate and crystal see, Banjol is also well known for the three beautiful bays called Prva Padova, Druga Padova and Treća Padova. Since it is located on the opposite side of the Rab, Banjol offers a beautiful view of the old town of Rab and its four church-towers.

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